"Tom's performances were truly amazing and touched everyone in attendance. His talent, professionalism and grace is in a class of its own." 
-Neil Portnow, President of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc. (The Grammy's) 

"Tom is a master Stick player. His technique and musicality stand as an inspiration to the rest of us who play the instrument, and we're always eager to see what he'll do next." 
-Tony Levin, recording artist, bassist/Stick player for Peter Gabriel, King Crimson 

"I’m proud to see one of my instruments used in such a creative way. Many thanks to Tom for an outstanding contribution." 
-Emmett Chapman, inventor of the Chapman Stick® 

"Tom is by far, one of the best Stick players around. He provided a great opening set for our tours. I highly recommend checking him out. Great tone and very cool music." 
-Paul Richards, California Guitar Trio 

"Tom’s fluidity, musicality, taste and sensitivity are a reflection of who he is as a person...and he makes a mean Apple Brown Betty! I look forward to years of collaboration with him."  
-Jerry Marotta, recording artist, drummer for Peter Gabriel, Tony Levin, Indigo Girls, Paul McCartney 

"With a name like Griesgraber it has to be good, and he is - in fact better than good." 
-Pat Mastelotto, recording artist, drummer for King Crimson, Mr Mister 

"Thank you for giving so much of your time, your energy and your support to the 46th Annual Grammy Celebration Party. Your performance was spectacular and contributed to an extremely successful event. Over 4000 Grammy Nominees, Winners and VIP ticket holders attended the Celebration and had the opportunity to experience the thrilling performances by all of our elite artists such as yourself." 
-Branden Chapman and Rex Supa, Production Management and Development for NARAS (the Grammys) 

"I had seen Agent 22 open for Jazz Mandolin Project earlier in the year and it rocked then...and it rocked First Night. The response from folks coming up to the booth was phenominal, but I guess nothing new for Agent 22...there's a lot of 'wow' factor with Tom Griesgraber playing his Chapman Stick." 
-Vince Outlaw, Jazz 88FM "New Jazz Thing" 

"Agent 22 took the stage quietly and sneaked into their set of Stick-induced songs full of intelligence and imagination.   It was just Tom and his drummer / percussionist (Darren DeBree).   They performed with magic and brilliance.  It was nice to see an opening band that can play this kind of music and do honor to it. This evening's performance was full of upbeat melody, sensitive sounds and clever arrangements.  My head was now in the right place for the next act (The Tony Levin Band)." 
-Craig Hammons, Live Magazine review of a Tony Levin Band/Agent 22 performance.  

"It is infectious music. Once you hear it, you like it." 
-Larry Himmel, Channel 8 - KFMB TV (CBS in San Diego) 

"I just want to say that I LOVE your disc. I'm listening to it right now and I've been listening for three days straight. Good job... dig that Chapman Stick." 
-Ed Decker, of the San Diego Reader and SLAMM Magazine 

"I rarely play instrumental music on my program, so that must mean I like this record (Agent 22). I once interviewed Emmett Chapman on the radio about 20 years ago and have been intrigued by the 'Stick' ever since. Not that many people play it and Tom gets some great sounds out of it." 
-Kenny Weissberg, host of music Without Boundaries on SETS 102 FM 

"Agent 22 is one of the Southern California's great secret treasures... once you hear them, you are hooked. Very pleasant, yet complex and emotional sounds invoking everything from a summer creek to King Crimson. Tom also plays alone on occasion, and while the setlist is somewhat different, his unique ability to play the Chapman Stick makes his solo show as enjoyable as an Agent 22 show." 
-Progressive Edge, Agent 22 feature on www.progedge.com 

Wow- that was just excellent- and you've got some engaging ideas, my friend! Your live sound was just beautiful and clear. Any way you want to look at it, it was a fine set. Definitely sets people on their ears... I'm a t-shirt collector, and my new A22 shirt has been seeing some action lately. I've been listening to you all morning on my computer- I put A22 on continuous play and just left it on. I think my favorite tune has always been "it's time", but I also love the opener- and "brother wind shear" is waay cool. 
-Jim Earp, acoustic guitaristist, recording artist Jim Earp's website 

Tom held the crowd in thrall for his whole set, then received a long line of people who wanted autographed CD's and pictures taken with him. If he keeps up his musical dedication, I think he can expect this treatment for a good long time. I was inspired to go right home and re-dedicate myself to my Stick practice. Tom's playing engenders not a spirit of competition but instead a sense of possibilities. 
-Casey Arrillaga, Stick player with Third Door Down 

"Tom's Stick/drum duo is an orchestra of sound and shifting harmonies under the strict guidance and control of what is basically a two-man rhythm section - the flight of a Concorde, the feel of a hang glider." 
-Emmett Chapman, inventor of the Chapman Stick®